Documents and Forms for EPI Applicants

Exam Blueprints

The QEP examination has two parts.  Both exams are international in scope and contain no regulations specific to any country. The focus is on technical environmental science.  Each part takes up to three hours to complete and consists of approximately 100 multiple-choice questions.
Part 1 QEP/EPI Exam Blueprint 2022 Part 1 is a multiple-choice General Environmental Science (GES) Exam, which is required for all approved EPI and QEP applicants.
Part 2 Air Quality Blueprint 2022 Part 2 requires the QEP applicant to choose a specialty practice area exam from among the four options. EPIs do not take a specialty practice exam until they apply for full QEP status upon completing the minimum requirement of five years of professional environmental work experience.
Part 2 Water Quality Blueprint 2022
Part 2 Waste Management Blueprint 2022
Part 2 Environment Science, Management, and Policy Blueprint 2022


The examination for the EPI and QEP certifications are being updated to combine four QEP specialty areas — water quality; air quality; waste management; and environmental science, management, and policy — into, a comprehensive examination process. The Examination Blueprint is being provided in preparation for the release of the new, comprehensive exam.

New QEP/EPI Exam Blueprint for 2023  
New GES Exam Blueprint for 2023