Tom Grumbles

Welcome BGC Certificants!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff, we commend you for your commitment to protecting people, protecting the environment, and making a positive impact on key issues. Your dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of workers and the public is truly admirable, and it is a critical component of creating a sustainable and just society.

You will have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives by identifying and mitigating potential hazards in the workplace and ensuring that products are safe for use. You will play a critical role in protecting the environment by minimizing the impact of industrial processes on air, water, and soil quality. And you will help organizations navigate the complex landscape of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues, ensuring that they are accountable and responsible stewards of the environment.

I encourage you to stay focused, stay curious, and stay compassionate as you pursue and represent your credential. Remember that the work you are doing is important and meaningful and that you have the power to make a difference in the world. I wish you all the best on your journey, and I look forward to seeing the impact that you will make in the future.

Subena Colligan, CIH, CSP
BGC Chair (2023)

CIH - Industrial Hygiene

The Certified Industrial Hygienist® (CIH®) credential is the global standard for certification in protecting the health and safety of workers and the public by anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling chemical, physical, ergonomic, or biological hazards, including COVID-19.

CAIH - Industrial Hygiene

The Certified Associate Industrial Hygienist Credential® (CAIH®) professional certification was developed to improve recognition of the contributions by management, employees, and the public of people doing industrial hygiene-like work but not eligible for the CIH.

CPPS - Product Stewardship

The Certified Professional Product Steward® (CPPS®) credential demonstrates one’s responsible management of raw materials, intermediate materials, and consumer products throughout their lifecycle and across the value chain to prevent or minimize negative impacts and maximize value to human health and safety and to the environment.

EPI - Environmental

The Environmental Professional In-Training® (EPI®) is for environmental professionals who have entered the field within the last five years or for students about to graduate.

QEP - Environmental

The Qualified Environmental Professional® (QEP®) is the first and only multi-media, multi-disciplinary, fully-accredited credential for environmental professionals possessing a broad perspective along with the knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems.

CPSA - EHS Auditing

The Certified Process Safety Auditor® (CPSA®) credential demonstrates one’s practice of today’s auditing procedures, processes, and techniques related to process safety.

CPEA - EHS Auditing

The Certified Professional Environmental Auditor® (CPEA®) credential demonstrates one’s practice of today’s ever-changing EHS regulations and related auditing procedures, processes, and techniques.