About the EPI Recertification Program

The purpose of the BGC Certification Maintenance (CM) program, which began in 1979, is to ensure that Diplomates (individuals holding the CIH, CAIH, QEP, CPPS, CPEA or CPSA credentials) develop and enhance their professional-level knowledge and skills during the time period that they are certified by BGC.  Individuals holding the Environmental Profession In-Training (EPI) designation are considered “Certificants,” but not Diplomates, because the EPI is a “designation” that is a stepping stone to the QEP credential, but it is not a credential in and of itself.  EPIs are required to adhere to the professional, enforceable BGC Code of Ethics; however, BGC has no requirement for EPIs to document their ongoing professional development during the seven years that they are allowed to hold the certification, because the expectation is that the EPI is learning through work experience, mentoring, coursework, and other professional actives in order to grow as an environmental professional in preparation for taking the QEP exam.

All BGC certifications include a yearly fee to maintain them after they are awarded. Normally, your annual fee is paid by the beginning of each year. Your first annual fee may be prorated depending on the month or window in which you sit for the exam.