Applying for the Environmental Professional In-Training (EPI) Credential

The Environmental Professional In-Training (EPI) program is an optional first step toward obtaining QEP status for environmental students and professionals just beginning their careers. Holding the EPI designation allows students who anticipate entering the environmental field, or for environmental professionals who have graduated and entered the field within the last five years, to demonstrate personal knowledge of general environmental science.

BGC will only grant the Environmental Professional In-Training to practitioners who achieve the requirements for education and experience, agree to abide by BGC’s Code of Ethics, and through examination, demonstrate general environmental science knowledge by passing the General Environmental Science (GES) Exam.

In the BGC certification framework, the EPI is a “certification” or “designation,” not a full credential, because it is a stepping stone toward achieving the QEP credential.  Practitioners may only hold the EPI designation for 7 years, after that, they must sit for the QEP exam and give up the EPI designation.  EPIs are required to adhere to the professional, enforceable BGC Code of Ethics; however, BGC has no requirement for certification maintenance while a practitioner holds the EPI, because, the expectation is that the EPI is learning through work experience, mentoring, coursework, and other professional actives in order to grow as an environmental professional in preparation for taking the QEP exam.

EPI certification demonstrates a commitment to excellence in applied environmental science, adherence to a strict code of ethics, and the dedication to make contributions to the environmental profession and community. This lets you advance your career as a new environmental professional. The EPI program also provides opportunities for networking. Our online roster of QEPs and EPIs increases the visibility of this elite group among their peers and professional contacts; BGC also provides access to a professional badging service, LinkedIn groups, an EPI mentoring program, and a free Career Center for posting resumes.

Obligations of EPI Designation Holders

After you pass the exam and are issued your credential, you are required to meet several obligations, not limited to:

  • paying your fees on or before the due date,
  • continually updating your knowledge and skills, and
  • documenting work experiences for the QEP application Process, and
  • upholding the BGC Code of Ethics.

Please be aware that if the requirements for certification change, you will be required to meet them in order to obtain your QEP credential.