Steps to Recertify Your CPSA

There are two steps to maintain your certification and recertify your BGC credential. More detailed information about recertifying are available by clicking the appropriate link on the menu on the right-hand side of this page.

Step 1:  Meet annual certification maintenance requirements:

    • Abide by the BGC Code of Ethics.
    • Maintain up-to-date contact information.
    • Maintain recertification documents.
    • Pay annual fees.

Step 2:  Meet 5-year cycle requirements by re-examination or by recertification points:

    • Recertification by re-examination.
      • Complete a minimum of 2 hours of ethics coursework.
      • Retake and pass a certification examination.
    • Recertification by re-certification points.
      • Participate in recertification activities to meet BGC point requirements including 2 hours of ethics coursework.
      • Save documents of participation.
      • Submit a summary of activity points and required attestations to BGC.
      • Provide documentation of activities if requested for a BGC audit.


If you successfully meet the requirements of both steps, you will be sent a new certificate and allowed to continue to identify yourself as a BGC diplomate.

Diplomate Identification

A BGC Diplomate is a person who has met the qualifications for education, experience, and examination and has continued to meet the obligations for CM which include practicing ethically, paying annual fees, submitting an acceptable CM Submission or passing the Exam, and passing a CM audit (if audited).

It is BGC policy that the names and certification types of all Diplomates in good standing will be listed in the CPSA Public Roster. The term in good standing means that the Diplomate is paid up on all fees and is not involved in an ethics dispute. Diplomates in good standing and former Diplomates who voluntarily surrendered or retired their certification have access to the BGC Private Roster, a location where additional contact information can be privately shared amongst other professional colleagues. As a new credential under the BGC umbrella, the Private Roster for CPSAs is under development. When the Private Roster becomes available, contact information will be managed by you, the Diplomate.

A practitioner with an EHS auditing certification from the BGC in Process Safety is allowed to use the BGC-awarded certification term:

Certified Process Safety Auditor® (CPSA®)

The above terms are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as is the BGC logo and the terms Board for Global EHS Credentialing® and BGC®.