CPSA Recertification Dates, Deadlines, and Fees

  1. There are four Key Dates that each Diplomate should know:
  2. CM Cycle Start Date: The first day to earn CM credit during the cycle. Must be manually calculated from the CM Cycle End Date.
  3. CM Cycle End Date: The last day to earn CM credit. It is 60 months after the CM Cycle Start Date unless the person is on a cycle extension.
  4. CM Point Submission Due Date: The CM Point Submission is submitted before this date without penalty. It is always 1 month after the Cycle End Date.
  5. Certificate Expiration Date: Diplomate is decertified unless recertified (by CM Point Submission or Exam), granted a cycle extension, or voluntarily surrenders the certification. It is 5 months after the Cycle End Date. Can be found on the Diplomate’s paper certificate.

Timeline of Key Dates in Spring Recertification Cycle

Timeline of Key Dates in Fall Recertification Cycle

All submissions must be reviewed and approved by BGC no later than 5 months after the CM Cycle End Date or the Diplomate is subject to decertification.

CM Point/Attestation Submission Reporting Calendar

Diplomates can check their CM Cycle End Date and CM Point/Attestations Submission Due Date on the BGC website public rosters.

Cycle Duration1 Passed the Exam Cycle Start/End Dates2 Submit CM Points3 $100 Late Fee3 Include Audit Records3 Last Day to Submit4
60 months Spring July 1 – June 30 Mar 1 – Aug 1 Aug 2 – Nov 1 Oct 1 – Nov 1 Nov 1
60 months Fall Jan 1 – Dec 31 Sept 1 – Feb 1 Feb 2 – May 1 Apr 1 – May 1 May 1

1Diplomates are assigned to a 60-month reporting period that starts with the first CM cycle immediately after passing the exam or completing their previous cycle.
2CM credit can only be accrued between the Cycle Start and End Dates.
3The CMP submission must be completed by Midnight EST on the final day in order to avoid the next penalty phase.
4The CMP submissions after this day likely will not be processed due to limited time before certificate expiration.

Hardship Options

BGC offers two options to help with hardship case situations. Only one hardship help option will be granted per CM cycle with the exception that a 1-year Leave of Absence may be extended to 2 years upon written request to certifications@GoBGC.org.

Option Implication
CM Cycle Extension An additional six months to earn CM credit to meet the recertification requirements.
Leave of Absence The Diplomate is "inactive" for 1 or 2 years; thus, the recertification requirements are reduced by 20% or 40%. Also, CM credit can only be earned in Category 4 during the LOA time period.

Diplomates should notify BGC as soon as the need exists. Requests can be sent via email, fax, or postal mail. To be eligible, the Diplomate must be in good standing (i.e., current on fees and no ethics charges).

Cycle Extension

The CM cycle extension provides an additional six months to earn CM credit. The Diplomate will be assigned a new CM cycle end date and will follow the CM submission schedule for their new CM cycle. Request via email at certifications@GoBGC.org.

Leave of Absence

A Leave of Absence (LOA) is available in 1-year increments for up to two years (maximum) for those who are unable to practice industrial hygiene due to circumstances such as:

  • Medical or health-related (personal or family)
  • Military assignment
  • Educational pursuit
  • Family care

Note: Unemployment is a circumstance that is excluded from the LOA program because there are many no-cost or low-cost ways to achieve the CM requirements.

During the LOA period, the Diplomate's minimum requirements are proportionately reduced for the total CM points and the IH CM Credit in Category 4. For example, for Diplomates on a 60-month CM cycle, a 12-month LOA will reduce the minimum requirements by 20% (12/60). This means a proportionate reduction in the minimum requirements for the Overall CM points (from 40 points to 32) and in the IH CM Credit in Category 4 (from 10 points to 8 points). The Ethics requirement of 2 hours (0.33 points) in Category 4 per CM cycle is not affected.

Up to two LOAs will be granted during a CM cycle as long as the sum of the two LOA periods is less than the 2-year maximum. An LOA of one year can be extended (during the same CM cycle) upon written request to BGC. Additional supporting documentation may be required.

During the LOA, the Diplomate/Certificant:

  • Is listed as "Inactive" in the BGC roster
  • Is restricted from using the certification designation (CIH, CAIH, QEP, CPPS, CPEA, CPSA, EPI), embossing seal, or stamp on any new efforts but does not need to remove the designation from previous materials, e.g., business cards, resumes
  • Continues to pay fees
  • Can earn CM credit only in Category 4 - Education

Diplomates may submit an acceptable CM Point Submission or retake the Exam (if eligible) in order to recertify. If the requested LOA period ends at or near the end of the normal CM cycle, the Diplomate has three timing options for CMP Submission

  1. Pre-LOA – before the start of the LOA, or
  2. Post-LOA – within 90 days of the LOA end date, or
  3. The regularly scheduled cycle calendar window.

Request via email at certifications@GoBGC.org.