CIH Examinees

COVID-19 Information

In response to various and common questions from CIH examinees experiencing scheduling difficulties for their exam, we have prepared a fact sheet below.

Last update: June 3, 2020

Earlier in June, Prometric (our test provider) resumed in-center testing for all programs in the U.S. and Canada in 177 markets. They also opened an additional 52 sites globally so far the first week of June, and plan to open an additional 19 by the end of the week.

    • They have also started the displacement process for candidate appointments running from June 16 – 30 to provide candidates with more notice. These displacements include any candidates on an inactive workstation due to 50% capacity restraints (if applicable), any candidates scheduled at a site prior to its open date, and any candidates outside of the approved essential client program list who are scheduled at sites or states not designated for all program testing.

    • Please note that protest-related activity can also force last-minute displacements, should a test center need to close early or entirely. We will follow our normal displacement process for any impacted candidates, and update our open sites list as needed.

    • If you are presently scheduled later in the year, are eligible for the Spring 2020 exam, and would like to try to get an earlier exam, please let us know via, but please heed the red text below.

    • Prometric has developed an online help form to assist in more effectively routing your questions to specific teams. They encourage everyone to use this as it is the best way to assure a quick response. 

    • We sent a communication out to all examinees on April 27th stating that we were moving everyone’s eligibility to the Fall due to the difficulty people have reported in finding a date in the Spring Extended window.  We did this with the sole purpose of providing you more options, early.
    • If you have a Spring date scheduled and are concerned that Prometric will cancel, please know that Prometric will not allow more than one date scheduled per exam.  This is not under our control; it is up to Prometric.  We understand that you would like to have a backup date in the Fall ready, just in case, but that cannot happen per Prometric’s operations.

    • While you are logged in at Prometric, you are unable to view any schedules for dates that are outside your eligibility window. You can, however, search dates when you are not logged in.

    • While you may have taken an exam at a certain Prometric location in the past, that does not necessarily mean that 1) that center will be open or available and 2) that Prometric will be giving the CIH exam at that location. We have no control over where and when Prometric provides the CIH exam.

    • If Prometric has sent you an email that they have canceled, your exam might still show as scheduled on their system for a day or two until their system updates.

    • If you want us to change your eligibility and send you a new Authorization To Test (ATT) letter, we can do that. However, please understand:
      • Before scheduling a new exam, you must first cancel your current reservation and let us know you have done this, or that Prometric has canceled you before we can send a new eligibility. Our sending an ATT letter from our system will NOT cancel your scheduled exam.
      • We are being told by examinees that there is little to no availability anywhere in the US or Canada and also that the Fall dates are filling up very quickly. 
      • People do cancel.  Checking daily for June dates could provide you with an option (but realize that during this time the availability for the Fall is dwindling).
      • Changing your eligibility may take a little time to process – it won’t happen immediately in most cases.
      • If/when you discover that there is no availability in the Spring and you want to change back to Fall, we can accommodate that, but, again, it might take some time for processing.
      • If you want to be assured of securing a testing date, we encourage you to secure a date for the Fall sooner rather than later.

We will be updating this information page on a regular basis.


Prometric Support Links:

  • COVID-19 Strategies: provides the most current information on Prometric’s operation status and safety measures.
  • Essential Client Programs List: provides our current list of essential test programs that are currently eligible to test. We will evaluate and update this list on a rolling basis.
  • Site Openings List: provides a running list of all of our current open/scheduled-to-open sites and their resumption test date. This list is updated daily to reflect any changes in status and will be evaluated for further additions on a rolling basis.
  • Social Distancing Policies: provides a detailed look at our standard and region-based social distancing policies candidates are expected to follow while at the test center.
  • Test-Taker FAQ: provides answers to frequently asked questions candidates might have about impacts on their exam.