Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following Frequently Asked Questions and their answers are provided in response to the announcement about ABIH® and IPEP® using the umbrella name, Board for Global EHS Credentialing® (BGC®).  Nothing that affects you as a diplomate has changed.   Please learn about our suite of credentials, spread the word about our umbrella name with your colleagues, and add/share on social media feeds.

What is the Board for Global EHS Credentialing (BGC)?
The Board for Global EHS Credentialing is the premier global credentialing body for professionals who protect the health of people and the environment. We elevate expectations of professionals in their respective fields through our rigorous, reliable, and valid credentialing process. Our credentials demonstrate our Diplomates’ commitment and ability to practice at the highest level.

Why are ABIH and IPEP using the name BGC?
Our umbrella name accurately reflects our diverse range of credential offerings, which include the Certified Industrial Hygienist® (CIH®), Qualified Environmental Professional® (QEP®), Environmental Professional In-Training® (EPI®), our Product Stewardship credential, Certified Professional Product Stewart™ (CPPS™), Certified Professional Environmental Auditor® (CPEA®), and Certified Professional Safety Auditor® (CPSA®).

Will ABIH or IPEP be going away?
No.  The names American Board of Industrial Hygiene® (ABIH®) and Institute of Professional Environmental Practice® (IPEP®) will continue to be used to identify credentialing divisions and activities under BGC’s organizational umbrella.

Have the missions of the organizations changed?
Our mission has not changed, but the wording of our mission statement has been updated as follows:

To be the leader in offering credentials that elevate the technical and ethical standards for professionals practicing the science of protecting, managing, and enhancing the health and safety of people and the environment.

Will our credential(s) be affected?
No.  None of the credentials (CIH, QEP, CPPS, CPEA, or CPSA) or designations (EPI) will be affected. 

Will the content of ABIH or IPEP exams be changing?
No. Neither the content of our exams nor the exam blueprints will change.

Have there been changes to the board?

Has the organization’s office moved or contact information changed?

Is there anything I should do?
To make sure that you receive information in a timely manner, please keep your contact information current in your BGC CAPS portfolio or your IPEP Member Portal. We will also post information on social media channels. Portals for the CPPS, CPEA, and CPSA credentials are in development.