Nomination Guidelines for the QEP Annual Award

The BGC QEP Annual Award is conferred by the Board for Global EHS Credentialing® to Qualified Environmental Professionals, Environmental Professionals in Training, or Qualified Environmental Professionals who voluntarily surrendered the credential who have made exceptional contributions to the environmental profession or to society at large.

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2022

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The nominee must be a current QEP or EPI or a former QEP who voluntarily surrendered the credential and was in good standing at the time of voluntary surrender.
  2. The nominee must have made significant contributions to the environmental profession or to society at large.
  3. Accomplishments must reflect the values of the QEP in one or more of the following categories:
    1. Professional standards and ethics
    2. Professional development and mentoring
    3. International collaboration and cooperation
    4. An interdisciplinary management approach
    5. A multi-media technological solution
    6. Lifetime achievement in environmental practice
  4. An award may be designated in one of the six categories above. No more than one designated award per category and no more than six awards total may be granted in any year.
  5. Current BGC Directors are not eligible.
  6. Past recipients of the award are not eligible.
  7. Should no suitable individuals be nominated in a particular year, the award in that category will not be granted.
  8. These awards will be presented at the BGC Forum. Each award recipient will be required to submit a professional, color, head-and-shoulders photo within two weeks of notification of winning the award.
  9. If awarded, the recipient may deliver a short presentation at the BGC Forum. The BGC Board may approve an exception to this requirement in extenuating circumstances.


  1. The BGC Awards Committee, whose members are appointed by the BGC Chair, selects finalists for the award in each category listed above (Eligibility Requirements/3.a-f). A full Board vote is required to confer the award.
  2. Nominees will be evaluated against the criteria outlined below.
  3. Each nominee will be evaluated only by the information included in the nomination package.


Complete the nomination package:

  1. Nomination Form: This form must be completed online by the nominator at Content includes a written justification of no more than 350 words and no more than six pages of supporting materials (photographs, diagrams, client commendation letters, etc.).
  2. Anyone may serve as a nominator for this award; self-nominations are accepted.
  3. Endorsement Form: One endorsement form must be completed online at by an individual knowledgeable about the nominee’s work, accomplishments, and character, which are the basis for the nomination.
  4. Nominee CV/Resume: On the online nomination form, the nominator must provide the nominee’s curriculum vitae or resume showing work and accomplishments on which the nomination is based.

Completed nomination packages consisting of a nomination form (abstract and supporting documents), an endorsement form, and a CV/resume are due by June 30, 2022, at the links provided above. Incomplete nomination packages, emailed forms, or hard copy (paper) submissions will not be accepted. Send any questions to:


Selection Criteria

  • Nominees are judged by the scope, depth, quality, and impact of their efforts on the environmental profession.
  • Each nominee will be evaluated only by the information included in the nomination package.