What to Expect on CIH Exam Day

Plan to arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled exam time. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after the scheduled testing time, you will not be admitted. Calculators built into cellular/smartphones are not permitted in the test center.


What to Bring

Pearson Vue Test Center Update – Please Read

The test center will no longer provide paper and pencils for calculations. Scratch paper, which you can use to calculate, is embedded and can be found in the upper left corner of each question next to the equation sheets and the calculator icons.

In addition, the BGC Equation Sheets will be accessible by clicking the Equation Sheet button on the exam screen – which will be explained during the pre-test instructions.

You must bring these three items:

  • Your Authorization to Test (ATT) letter from Pearson.
  • Your current, valid, government-issued photo identification document with a signature (e.g., driver’s license or passport) must match the name you used to register for the exam.
  • Your Pearson confirmation number.
  • Personal calculators will no longer be allowed in the testing session. A calculator has been programmed into the entire examination and is available during the testing session. Instructions on the use and location of the calculator icon are included in the pre-test instructions.
  • The URL below can be used to practice with the calculator. www.pearsonvue.com/athena 
  • Security measures will be implemented, including capturing a digital fingerprint and information from your identification (including an image of your photo).
  • A score report will be printed at the end of the exam. Candidates may also retrieve their score report from their account after notification that the score report is ready.
  Avoid Identification Headaches:  The name on your government-issued photo identification document must match the name that you used to register for the exam. If you have a name change, such as by marriage, please email BGC at applications@GoBGC.org and notify Prometric (prometric.com/contact-us) immediately. If you do not provide the required identification or fully participate in the identity validation process during check-in and breaks, you will not be permitted to test, and you will forfeit your testing fees.  

Examination Restrictions

You are prohibited from bringing items into the examination room except for the items specified above. Banned items include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The use of reference materials is not allowed.
  • No documents or notes of any kind may be removed from the Test Center.
  • No questions concerning the content of the examination may be asked during the examination.
  • Eating, drinking, or smoking is not permitted in the Test Center.
  • You may take a break whenever you wish, but you will not be allowed additional time to make up for time lost during breaks.


Prometric administration and security standards are designed to ensure all candidates are provided the same opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. The Test Center is continuously monitored by audio and video surveillance equipment for security purposes.

The following security procedures apply during the examination:

  • Examinations are proprietary. No cameras, notes, tape recorders, pagers, or cellular/smartphones are allowed in the testing room. Possession of a cellular/smartphone or other electronic devices is strictly prohibited and will result in dismissal from the examination.
  • No guests, visitors, or family members are allowed in the testing room or reception areas.

Personal Belongings

No personal items, valuables, or weapons should be brought to the Test Center. Personal items must be left outside the testing room. You will be provided a locker to store your personal items. You will not have access to these items until after the examination is completed. Please note the following items will not be allowed in the testing room and must be kept in the secured locker:

  • Watches
  • Hats
  • Wallets
  • Keys
  • Cellphones
  • Pagers
  • Books and manuals
  • Notes or reference materials
  • PDAs or other electronic devices
  • Food or drinks
  • Jewelry
  • Jackets

If all personal items will not fit in the locker, you will not be able to test. The site will not be responsible for any personal belongings.

Once you have placed your personal items into the locker, you will be asked to do the following to ensure that no prohibited items enter the testing center:

  • If your test center has one, you will be asked to walk through a metal detector.
  • The test center administrator will perform a visual inspection of your person.

You will be required to:

    • Take off your glasses to check for camera devices.
    • Pull up your sleeves and show your forearms for full visibility of your wrists.
    • Turn your pockets completely inside out to ensure they are empty.
    • Raise your pantlegs for full visibility of your ankles.
    • Depending on the exam you are taking, there may be a test-day photo taken.


If any personal items are observed or heard (cellular/smartphones, alarms) in the testing room after the examination is started, you will be dismissed, and the administration will be forfeited.