CIH Application Dates and Fees

Application/Reapplication Deadlines

All documentation required for the review and approval of your application or reapplication must be postmarked, faxed, or emailed by February 1 when applying for the spring examination or by August 1 for the fall examination.

Examinations are held each year at Prometric testing centers during two testing windows:

  • Examinees approved for the spring examination can make an appointment with Prometric for either April or May.
  • Examinees approved for the fall examination can schedule for either October or November.

You are only allowed to schedule one examination in a test window.


CIH Fees

The application, examination, and credential maintenance processes require you to pay fees on or before the due dates. The fees are listed in the table below. Fees may be subject to change.

Fee Amount Description
Application/Reapplication Fee $150

The fee to have your documents reviewed and to maintain your file.

Your application/reapplication fee is valid for 4 exam windows, which is equivalent to two years. You must pay a reapplication fee and submit updated documents every two years to keep your file active until you pass the exam.

Examination (Scheduling) Fee $350 The payment to schedule an exam and reserve a seat at the testing center.
Annual (Maintenance) Fee $170 ($85)

The yearly fee to maintain your credential after it is awarded.

Normally, your annual fee is paid by the beginning of each year. If you pass the exam in the spring, your first annual fee will be prorated to $85 for the remainder of the current year.


  Application or reapplication fees are neither refundable nor transferrable. Your examination fee is not refundable either, but if you cancel your examination with the testing center at least 48 hours in advance of the exam time, the fee will be carried over to when you schedule your re-examination as long as the additional test date is within the 2 year application window. If your cancellation is made less than 48 hours in advance, your fee is forfeited.  

Important Dates

The table below shows the dates for the spring and fall examination windows.


CIH Test Window Application Deadline Examination Dates
Spring February 1 April 1 – May 31
Fall August 1 October 1 – November 30